I'm Rohan Menon, a guy from India. Its a pretty big place, the largest democracy in the world. And since im not one of the 'white' indians, I'll be pretty hard to find in the sea of 1.2 billion people. My parents (both mom and dad) are in the army so we move around alot, so defining where im from is abit difficult. My parents were from kerala a small, slim  state in the south of India, so i guess i can say i belong there (although ive stayed there for about 1 and a half months a year in my entire life) .

Currently im in Pune, a city in Maharashtra and doing my engineering here.
Im a little clumsy, and dont really play sports as such... basketball, once in awhile... I prefer something solo like a jog or cycling, still i consider myself to be fit enough. I have a younger sister Apoorva, and a dog, minnie.

Likes would include building stuff, learning about new stuff, video games, gadgets etc. Little bit of a geek. Love to play around with animals, people usually find it irritaring that i try and make friends with almost any dog i see.

Nothing that I dislike in particular (or atleast none that need to be mentioned here). Although in that sense, even the likes arent really necessary, seeing as no random reader is gonna send me a video game or a puppy reading about how i love them both though if they do think so, video games would be preferred, they ll be easier to transport and i dont really need more than one dog....

Anyhow, Im 18 with tomorrow being my 19th birthday, looking forward to it. havent really decided on what im gonna do, so i guess ill go with the flow, got an few early gift already, loved it including a very personalized card. Anyway, going off track(this may happen often).

As for friends i usually prefer to keep a very small circle of extremely close friends. Prefer being alone to think. Not exactly a loner, i consider myself to be sufficiently okay to talk to especially after the whole 'wow... whys he staring at me so awkwardly' phase. Guess you can call me shy.

I also have a very weird attitude towards social networking sites, Ive tried about 5 of them each lasting about 3 or 4 months before being replaced by the next, i really enjoyed them for the time being, but maybe i never really saw a point in them, i talk with too few people anyhow to actually use them, and nowadays i use them just to chat with close friends. My facebook profile hasnt been altered in the past few months, just cause of laziness i guess. (Of course now im trying to start a blog, which is pretty much like a social networking site on a larger scale... This is gonna be interesting). But im starting to find blogging to my liking, i usually like expressing my opinions and maybe facebook was just too crowded for me to do that with all the friends updates and stuff... anyhow lets see how this turns out.(Either that or i just like typing lots of stuff with no one interrupting me... that sounds a little overlord-ish...)

Like to make alot of stuff, and imagine up weird ideas... obviously, my concentration suffers pretty heavily. I once ended up building a miniature spaceship with my sisters sketch pens, imagining all its cruising, re-entry, launch and flight patterns while I was supposed to be studying for my maths-1 exam, which id failed in the year before, needless to say my performance wasnt amazing. Judging from the spaceship theory, im kinda like a kid about such stuff.

Recently tried experimenting with microwave cooking, dishes usually involve cheese and stuff you put cheese on... recently graduated to lettuce, dont know if ill be pursuing it further... they dont usually taste good. I usually cook them during the long nights that i mentioned in the last post.

Usually im awake till atleast about 1 to 2 at night. Holidays, this can be extended to about 4 to 6 or not at all. The thing about sleep is that i can usually stay awake for as much as i want as long as im doing something I like, but then im very hard to get off the bed once i do sleep off. This usually was balanced out by me needing to go to college, hence i would wake up at generally respected times, but then since im on a break now, the 6 o clock wakeup call has been postponed to about 12 in the afternoon.

Its not that im complaining, i love it, the morning is usually boring for me cause there really isnt much id do, but apparently mom believes that im going into a self destructive cycle where in ill suddenly start drinking blood and start pasting small white diamonds on my skin(this last sentence should tell you how much I detest twilight, its an interesting concept, but way too overboard on human male perfection.... through diamonds and lipstick, isnt that ironic, or well... dumb).

I think i really should start coming up with something abit more useful in the next few posts. Oh wait, as for the topics inside this blog, it ll be about lots of stuff, primarily my views on various things that i see happening around me. a few topics related to human behaviour(yeah i know, most probably bitching about some random person), some related to science (about how theyre close to creating an artificial fusion star, or a new hybrid between tomatoes and potatoes....people dont usually listen to me about those... they seemed... disinterested), and others related to video games, movies and other stuff(opinions rather than reviews).

But overall nothings decided i may suddenly skip to how i love cute furry pink pajamas (not too possible cause i dont like cute furry pink pajamas... yet...) but they should generally be in the order of the lines above. Hopefully, this ll be fun.
As always, tips on presentation will be helpful.

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