Monday, December 5, 2011

Giving a Damn(Musing)

Ah, long time again. I really wanna talk about BF3 and how it's single-player is mediocre and it's multiplayer is amazing, but more lucrative topics exist right now.(short review? Definitely buy it for the multiplayer. The singleplayer campaign is trying to hard to be Call of Duty)

Let's talk about caring (talk or read, depending on whether or not you're me). It's is a very special thing isn't it? It's actually a very basic animalistic tendency which also partly defines the term humanitarian.
But is that completely true? Of course, humans 'care' in a very different way than animals do.

Don't know the relation to the topic either... erm... cute cat?
*By the way, I only found very cute girly images when i searched for images on this topic so I'm gonna replace them with denominational posters trying very hard to be funny. Okay? Okay. Here we go.*

For an animal caring means, well, love. It can mean their family or at most, their pack  or herd(applies to human members too). It's highly localized. But this also means that this care is shared by each and everyone of them, and even if this means that it's more due to circumstances, it definitely is more unconditional. It's primarily because it's an instinct more than a choice, to care for your young. To care for that zebra who is running with you just to distract the lioness behind you. To care for the wolf hunting beside you so that you can get some food for your pups.

But humans are a little different. Our only perk has always been quite a burden. Our brain has the capability to constantly analyze, reason and make choices, an amazing property that has made us the dominant species on the Earth.
Unluckily, it is also capable of analyzing these same choices(we usually analyze our choices more than making them now, with all the free time we waste not hunting now) and this almost always leads to way more complications.
Yup. We do.

Humans can care for a lot of things, people, causes, inanimate objects, supernatural beings and even beliefs. Yes the 'care' is different  for each and every object but it's care nonetheless. But along with care comes another, slightly more gray term. Loyalty.

Loyalty is something that all of us feel the need to earn. And hence, also provide in return. It's a way of solidifying friendships. It is also a way of drawing out exactly what you believe in, and in some cases defining what you oppose.

And pledging your loyalty to someone or something is pretty serious isn't it?

Lol. This is so not working.
I might appear very insensitive if I say this, but we treat care like a commodity. Don't close the tab yet, because it actually is a very valuable commodity, the most valuable around. Luckily there are some which give more to others than they receive, but truly speaking you give the most care to those who care for you don't you? Partners, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, pets and best friends(Crushes are usually the exception here...) usually come on top of that list.

But taking it in that sense also means that very often, we feel cheated. We feel our trust was misplaced when something goes wrong. More importantly, we feel dumb. And we hate feeling dumb.
Two possible ways of looking at it are,
1.(and this is almost always the least likely of the two options) Maybe the person wanted to hurt you or didn't think of you when he/she did something or
2.(more probable) You don't know the exact circumstances under which the action was taken.

It's very easy for us to assume 'I am right', and this is sometimes the best course to take for any  major decisions, only for things concerning yourself of course.(This doesn't happen often enough unluckily)
That little statement is always false when you're considering something in the real word, involving someone other than you. No one's perfected ESP yet, and believing you know someone enough to realize exactly what they're going through or doing, without them telling you, is you lying to yourself.

Some may say that once they have an opinion, their ego prevents them from accepting the other options. But now let's reverse that stance, why did this other person not share his problems? Maybe he didn't want to burden anyone else.
But wait, as much as that is noble, isn't that being egotistical too? Why don't they realize that the other person has no idea what they're going through. You can't blame them for reacting that way, you've done it a lot of times yourself.

See, that's the problem when dealing with humans. Each and everything has a duality. I never really share my problems with others. Maybe the reason is because I am usually able to handle them(because they aren't usually too tough, not boasting), more than the 'not burdening someone' idea(I'm lucky that way).

 So what is it? It's just hard to realize how someone can't understand(more importantly, agree with) you completely if  he/she was supposed to be loyal to you. Am I over thinking. Yup. Definitely. It's a blog dammit, need to write something don't I?

Maybe we should just wait for someone to invent(or discover) a method of communication that sends your current mindset to others in the fraction of a second(No. Your facebook status is not what I'm talking about).

But till then, a little more patience and a little more sharing may go a long way don't you think?
Easier said than done... but hey, what isn't?(Answer in the comments, bonus points will be provided)


  1. I am much too tired to think of something clever and thoughtful to say in this little box right now, but I wanted to tell you that I liked this. :o)

  2. Am not very sure whether you are couching something you actually want to say in something else.......or maybe I just dont understand.....???

  3. Very thoughtful.

    And yeah..cute cat. :P

  4. I care probably way too much, and I'm always there to help other people, but I have trouble accepting the help of others.

  5. Very deep post. We humans really complicate everything.
    Nice read!

  6. No. Never getting BF3 for as long as it's on the demon known as Origin. Too many horror stories so far. Also, I hate EA.

    Also, I do agree it's like a commodity. Care for everyone around you and eventually it comes back. Though it's best to drop the moochers as soon as possible.

  7. I deal with humans by avoiding dealing with humans

  8. What's up? It's been a while since you posted something.

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