Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Long Time(Update)

It's been quite some time since my last post. 2 months to be exact.(Yes, I was counting and No, this has nothing to do with my computer's inbuilt calendar) So anyways. Quite a bit has happened these last few days. Family's shifted to Chandigarh and I'm staying in a flat with 4 other guys (It's really not what you think.)

Yeah. Im comparing myself to GLaDOS(Don't even try, only portal gamers will get this.)

So. Change.
I usually say(NOT brag. Say.) I don't mind change. It's exciting when life poses you with new obstacles and you need to prove your worth... and all that good stuff.  Sometimes it's true, other times I'm just pretending to be brave. This time it was a mix of both. This time quite a lot came together at the same time. This time(Okay. I'll stop.) Minnie leaving, college starting up again after a long absence, Family leaving, me moving out to stay alone for the first time.(And a few other things) came up within a span of 10 days. But I guess things are going well in the end.

Like many good writers, I think I'll start off on a deceivingly random story which seems to have no relation to the topic at hand. You see, I am bad at directions. I mean I can be really really really bad at them. As Saurav usually reminds me, I once got lost finding my extra classes, situated on a parallel road behind my house and about a kilometer out(barely)... and this is after he showed me the place the previous day.

So it will be extremely improbable for me to direct someone to say, Kondhwa, a place I only know of and haven't physically been to(I think.). But 4 days before shifting, with my traveling by bus and what not, I was able to direct a motorcyclist to the place mentioned earlier. I only realized the enormous accomplishment of what I'd done after about 15 minutes(maybe because it wasn't really worth remembering, but still). I was now moving out of a place where for the first time, I (with average accuracy) knew where I am with respect to places I haven't been to. That realization scared me actually, as it made me feel even worse about the move.

 But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about it. I've got a great place(really amazing) and a great set of flatmates. It was thanks to mom that things got sorted out so very quickly.(We got to know mom's getting posted with only a month's notice)

My independence has come into question a lot of times in the past. I've been called a spoilt brat quite a few times.(Well not exactly called, thought of as one at least). I've been living alone for more than a month now and I think I'm handling myself pretty well. And that's Rohan - 1, World - ... somewhere in the thousands.(Baby steps people. Baby steps.)

Here are some pics from the move.
Pretty big ass truck huh? That's the car on the upper deck.

That was maybe half our stuff. Dad was getting irritated with the amount. Mom was laughing.

That's the birdhouse that I built. Never got around to making a post about it.
 I wanted to write about the challenges I faced while moving in and stuff like that, but my memory's pretty sad, so that's not an option. Current conditions seem to be a more lucrative idea.

I have 4 flatmates, all of them working, and a bit older than myself. The youngest, my roommate, is 3 years older. Nice people, help me out quite a lot. I'm learning everyday(well, at least every three days) Alok works at HDFC bank, Jayanendra and Abhinav work at TechMahindra, and Vishal works at Hella. That's in the decreasing order of age too. And that about sorts out company. More details should come up in future posts.

Next, the place. 'Comfort Zone'(my friends get a laugh out of it every time, I don't know why). Pretty massive colony. It's got a pool and a(to be opened soon) gym. 9 storey flats with an(apparently) pretty good crowd. A little remote.(20 km from my last place)
But then my college is close by so it isn't really a pressing concern. It is around 20 Kms from my old place so that's a slight negative. You know old place and friends and the like(the abstract story?)

Point B= old place, Point A= new place. That's about 15 kms.

I enjoy the 'new found' freedom. Though it isn't exactly new. I usually shared most of what I do with my parents(still do) which was enough to make them trust me and give me enough freedom(mostly) to do what I feel like. Or at least that's the way I look at it. So I wasn't exactly 'restricted'. And it isn't like I missed out on anything. I go out for beer with friends, go out at midnight to help a friend, or even watch a movie. I just let my parents know what I'm doing. I like the feeling of independence that I get, doing things on my own is definitely fun.(Washing clothes and pressing them on my own was a huge achievement for me. And if that's sad, remember I'm new to this.)

Saucy chicken sausage and cheese, courtesy of Alok and me. Best way to dehydrate your throat. It's pretty tasty too.

Now in other news, Saurav's birthday was on the 10th of august. I made a hand carved guitar for him, and since I'm not above showing whatever I can even be remotely proud of in the world, here are the pictures. His sister had planned a surprise party for him that day, had quite a bit of fun.

Stuck it up using superglue.(Cheating?)

College is going fine. Finally in the second year. Yay.

Other than that, life's going fine. Missing my family like mad. Especially Apoorva. 1st was my mom's birthday, and 2 days before that, it was my parents anniversary.

Also thanks for the no. of visits on Minnie's blog post(151 page views.) I still miss her but I'm much better now. Also Happy Pet Memorial day in advance everyone.(14th  September)
Recently crossed the 1000 page views mark(at 1130 now). I'm planning to resume blogging. Let's hope it happens. Again.


  1. I love the little guitar. Very nice ;-)

    I can't help but stare at all of the plants in the background. It looks so lush and beautiful there.

    Congratulations on getting along with your roomies and doing more independent things on your own. I remember my first laundry experience away from home...when everything came out dry and clean, I danced around like a goofball. There is no shame in being proud of your accomplishments, no matter how small lol.

  2. Enjoyed revisiting the past couple of months through your're doing fine......and we are all happy for and proud of you......Miss you too. A lot. Have fun but enjoy your independence responsibly ......... All the very you go on your way ....

  3. Am really glad that u r proud of ur new found independence. Knew that u'll change but wasn't sure that u'll adapt so fast.Big achievements come thro' small steps & u have already begun taking them. Although I miss u a lot - more now than ever b4, I am really proud of the u have taken the change, son. Now that u have flown the coop, let sky be the limit.

  4. lol that's very nice... + following, nice blog!

  5. Congrats on getting out on your own!! I don't think I realized you lived in India until I saw that little map shot there. My parents live in Mumbai. There is a small, but still significant chance, I may actually get to visit them next summer. I am trying not to get my hopes too high though.

    Good job on the little guitar!! And thanks for your kind comments about the pictures on my blog! I appreciate it! :o)

  6. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.


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