Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Trip (Update)

So Chandigarh, and I still haven't been able to get any posts up, maybe because I sleep till 12 o'clock in the afternoon as my parents keep reminding me(and the best part is it's true)

And seeing as everyone talks about their latest trip outside of the city,(even if no one is really interested) and that I don't really have anything else going on, I might as well talk about our little trip to the hills around here.

Looks different doesn't it? Wait. You'll get used to it.

Northern India has a lot of hill stations, primarily because of the Himalayan mountains just about tapering off in India. The views these create are rather fantastic. And seeing that my parents were here 20 days before me, they took a few pictures of Manali (a place where my sister had gone for a camp sort of thing). A few pics have been shown below.


Snow capped mountains...

And amazing vistas... I don't know why we didn't go here when I was around.

Then of course I landed up, and mom felt a little bad that I hadn't been on a family holiday for quite awhile. Trips to Singapore, Kerala and other exotic places(even the local mall) all took place while I was locked up in the house playing video games and watching movies (actually those times weren't too bad). But then as these were times when my exams were going on, and my parents were under the impression that I was studying,(and possibly because after I shift out these holidays will be less frequent) they felt they owed me a holiday.

So a plan was made to go on a trip to Kasauli, Chail and Subatthu during a 2 day trip (it somehow felt like more of a dash through beautiful hilly terrain with extremely disorienting routes.)

Kasauli is a hill station in Himachel Pradesh, about a 100 kms north of Chandigarh. We stayed in the Officers resort there, situated at one of the highest point in the area overlooking Chandigarh to the North and Himachel Pradesh to the South. We arrived at around 4. The rooms themselves were extremly comfortable. We roamed around the shopping center in the evening for awhile searching for bread, some breakfast for the next day, a comb(we'd forgotten to get one from Chandigarh), some playing cards and generally sight seeing.

For dinner, we went to a club located in the station and had an amazing meal complete with cutletts, roast chicken and an incredibly cheesy(the good kind) baked bean pie.

We went out for a walk along one of the mountain paths next morning. My mom has a habit of becoming a shutter-bug the moment we are out on a holiday much to my dad's irritation.(he prefers long fast walks) But she inevitably succeeds in taking a lot of pics (primarily because my sister loves to pose).
Case in point
And another one with dad...

You can just about see the building where we stayed on the extreme right.

That's a small part of Chandigarh.

Apoorva became tired after we reached the view point above(her knee was giving her some trouble) so my mother decided to sit with her while me and my dad continued along the path. Once we were satisfied with the amount of land we had explored, we turned back. I took one last pic.

I like the trees that seem to be slanting according to the slope of the hills.

There was a slight bit of confusion about the availability of accommodation in our next stop. We decided to leave at about 1130 and reached Chail by around 1:30.

Apoorva explaining to me the merits of having a teddy bear.(as we were leaving)

The main reason we went to Chail was to visit the military school located there. Dad needed to do an inspection of the school(It didn't hurt that it was a great place too.) So me, my sister and my mom went off to explore the place.
Chail... (Kinda like the same pictures over and over, huh?)

We also came across the worlds highest (former) cricket ground. It was converted to a playground because apparently the school didn't like titles(And maybe also because it isn't really easy to come across flat ground on a hill)
This is a 250 year old tree. was one before it died in

Also went to the school art gallery. Some great art made by kids who were below their 12th.

I especially liked the one on the upper left.
Then we went to some palace nearby... don't really remember the king's name. But it was beautiful in any case. This as some people might recognize, was where a small part of the movie 3 idiots was shot.(Dad was pretty disappointed, he loves that movie)

Recognize the fountain?
We also witnessed a conflict between 4 pups and 2 monkeys. The pups won obviously(with some help from the humans, including myself which I am rather proud to mention)
This guy was not hitting the pup, just trying to get him away from the tree.

We left the school after dad's inspection at around 6, heading for Sabbathu. It was 9:30 when we arrived, and coincidentally there was a party in the mess. Seeing as we were wearing nowhere near the correct attire required to go to it and it was getting late (and we were a bit lazy), we asked for the food to be bought to the guestroom and went to bed.

Next morning we talked for awhile during tea. After my parents were tied down and forced to listen to some music of our generation(they still didn't like it) we were on our way back to Chandigarh by 1030.

I really really tried to make this one look different...

A great trip overall (I really don't know why this sounds like one of my reviews), had quite a bit of fun(felt pretty nauseated too) but I'm happy I got to spend some time with the family(as Apoorva put it.)

And before I forget, Minnie seems to have fully recovered now. She's off her medication and seems to be active again.


  1. Awesome pictures! They are all gorgeous. Especially love the picture with you and your sister holding the teddy bear. Your expressions are great.

    I have also now added "3 Idiots" to my Netflix movie order (because I am curious).

  2. Great stuff, Rohan! Makes enjoyable reading....and BTW, the Shutter bug provided you with pics...huh?they look good...too..

  3. Very nice photos. It's been a while since i visited a place so serene and beautiful. I'm envious :P

  4. Hi Rohan :)

    You've been tagged.

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