Friday, June 10, 2011

A Slight Delay(Update)

I haven't posted in a long while. It's been almost a month. Some excuses were, my blogger account giving me problems earlier on. Then there was my math exam for which I had to study(a lot.), the exam went well though(Thanks for asking). Not to mention a slight writer's block(Wow, this sounds funny even when I write it)  But the main reason for the delay was that Minnie(my dog) had a series of seizures and I really didn't feel like leaving her alone.

Didn't take any new pics.

Minnie's recovering now and hasn't had one for a week and a half, let's hope that was the last time. It wasn't pleasant. I had a trip planned to Chandigarh to meet my family. Hence, she's now at home with my helper to look after her. We'll get back on the 19th. I'll be in contact with him till then. Don't like the fact that I've left her alone, but I didn't have much of a choice.(the seizures have stopped but she gets drowsy due to the medicines and doesn't like it too much.) Medication needs to continue for another 10 days.

As for the development I mentioned earlier, my mom is shifting out of Pune. She'll be posted here in Chandigarh with my dad(Yay!). This also means that since I'm pursuing my education(*Snigger*) I'll be staying back in Pune. Alone. For the first time(Yup, I'm growing up.) Mom ll be shifted out by the 15th of next month. I'm more excited than scared about the situation actually. Let's see how it goes.

The trip here was rather eventful, there was a flight from Pune to Delhi and then a flight from Delhi to Chandigarh. Minnie was awake when I was about to leave so I told helper to take her along. She enjoyed the scenery for awhile. I said goodbye and helper left to go back home(I was told that Minnie was asleep again by the time they got back)

It started raining the moment we boarded, and hence there was a delay of about an hour. It was a Kingfisher aircraft and surprisingly the mechanism to push back the seats wasn't working(NOT great when you have long legs.) The best part? Kingfisher is supposed to be one of the more luxurious airliners of India. I missed the second flight thanks to the delay, so the passengers were redirected to a Jet Lite Aircraft. I arrived a bit late(about 10 minutes). So I was told (literally told) to run(literally run) to the departure gate(literally, the gate leading to a departing aircraft.)

Departure was at 330, I was entering the queue for security at 3:35. I ran across the airport after finally figuring out where the gate was located, as I showed my boarding pass I was told that the plane won't board till 4:15, as they had to wait for the other passengers. With a mixture of anger and relief, I sat down to wait.

Later I decided it's better to wash up before I leave, as I finished, the final boarding call was announced, I half ran out, showed the boarding pass got to the door of the aircraft and realized that my ring was missing. After much begging,(The crew was rather supportive) I ran back to the washroom, and saw the attendant leaving the washroom after he saw me. Not finding the ring, I went back to the attendant to ask him, and saw the ring on his hand. I looked at him suspiciously, but time not withstanding, I ran back to the aircraft and sweating like crazy, sat in my seat(I was glad I put on some deo before entering the plane.) Arrived in Chandigarh after about an hour and finally saw my parents waiting at the gate.

It's good weather here. The house is nice.(First time I'm seeing it, dad got posted here just a few months ago) Just called up Pune, Minnie seems to be doing okay, she was sleeping when I called.
I have a lot to talk about, Portal 2, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean, Source Code, Battlefield and MW3. Now that I have some free time here, maybe that's possible.


  1. Poor Minnie. Hope she pulls through wonderfully.

    Good luck with the transition of living on your own. I was bummed the first week I moved out, then I realized that having my own space was AWESOME!

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