Friday, June 10, 2011

Crysis 2(Games)

This is pretty late, but here goes. Crysis is possibly gonna be written in gaming history as the game that is used to judge a gaming system(Possibly along with Supreme Commander). It had the best visuals of it's time(probably even now), huge maps, great design, at least an above average story and was considered to be one of those games which only a few privileged people get to play in it's best form. Crysis 2 takes a very different path from the original. So it's obvious that it has a lot to prove. Does it succeed? Well it doesn't under-perform, but it definitely isn't Crysis.

Crysis 2 is a great game. I loved it, though finishing it is a problem. The game is buggy. And I don't mean buggy as in "hey look, that guy's a few feet to the left of his gun", I mean "hey look, my screen's black." Believe me I actually had to restart the computer half an hour into a level. Every time. And this went on till the 6th level , till I decided to get an unlocker from the Internet and unlock all the missions so as to play even if the game crashed. It's FRUSTRATING.(And it's pretty obvious it's got something to do with the premature release of the alpha build. Although that's the hacking community's fault.)

But I digress. I will not talk about the bugs till the end of the review. It doesn't do the game justice. Let's talk about the gameplay instead. Let's put it this way, Crysis 2 is the simplified refined, and focused version of Crysis.
Why is it that in any catastrophe faced by New York, the statue of liberty is the first to go bye-bye?

Gameplay of the first 2 Crysis games was rather different than the normal FPS's, preferring wide open spaces rather than a channeled form of play. I always felt that a good game is that which gives you the illusion of creation, and Crysis gave you the feeling that you decided the terms of engagement.

But then due to the humongous amount of piracy Crysis faced, Crytek looked towards the consoles. And I started dreading something, what if Crysis 2 became something that I have never really liked, a Call of Duty clone... a straight forward, go here, see this, shoot that, go there sort of game, wherein it seems more like a action movie than a video game.
 Because technically, Crysis 2 is a lot more like COD than Crysis. Because that's the kind of games consoles work best with. It's got great set pieces and pacing as opposed to huge maps and exploration. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that Crysis lost something that made it quite special. One of the ways this can be seen is the near absence of vehicle sections.

It's not that it's completely lost it's sandbox roots. Although the game is linear, there are a lot of places wherein you have many different paths available to get the job done. But these are localized craters or certain confined areas, not massive islands. So the 'options' really don't affect the game for more than 5 minutes worth. But it's fun enough to experiment with the different paths available.

Decisions. Decisions.

Combat is slightly improved, with the aliens appearing to be smarter and a bit more varied. Although why the would go from fast suits and gunships to gooey bipedal mechs is a little confusing(And why are they orange? Don't tell me they can change color at will too. That'll be pretty unfair.)

Orange make up along with Bipedal mechs with very vulnerable soft parts are in now a days.

These are fun to deal with. Unluckily they only come up thrice in the whole campaign.

The suit controls have been simplified, with you losing some of the micro management of the suit as compared to the first game. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Weapon modifications are now unique to the weapons themselves and not the class of weapons. So your days of attaching sniper scopes to shotguns are over.
The suit customization options are interesting but don't seem to contribute to the game as much as you'd like it to.

So... gameplay seems slightly repetitive, yes the suit seems powerful, yes there are a few different weapons, yes they are customizable, but it just feels like you're fighting the same battle almost all the time, (which can't exactly be helped due to the whole 'destroyed city' storyline.)

Multiplayer is also supposed to be very good, didn't get a chance to try it out due to my internet connection. So that's definitely another reason to try the game out.

Overall gameplay? Simplified, maybe a bit more challenging and A LOT more linear.

Story is a part where Crytek paid special attention to this time around. Seeing as how Crysis had a relatively average storyline, they bought in an actual fiction novelist in.But then there is a slight difference between a novel and a game. The story seems to be slightly slow in the beginning(as most novels are) And certain parts of the narrative seem to be removed from the game(possibly from the lack of bullets flying all over the place). This makes it a story which seems like it had a lot of potential, but isn't quite able to get you up to speed to completely pull you in. The story in general is very good once you figure everything out(almost equaling to at least an above average sci-fi novel), but Crysis 2's key region is presentation.

Crysis 2's brilliant portrayal of a New York hit by an invasion is refreshing and in my opinion is a whole new level for video games. It's definitely what makes the game fun to play. The whole deal about the suit being a specialized weapon with an an almost infinite capability of adapting is shown more by the story rather than the gameplay(as I said earlier gameplay is simplified) So, story and presentation definitely high points. They are what kept me going through the game.

Crysis and Crysis:Warhead  as mentioned before, are considered to be technical breakthroughs. The games had simply put, the best graphics, ever. The details were sharp, the lighting was just right, the physics were realistic, and they pretty much demolished the concept of a 'perfect' computer.(That always gets gamers, give out something that their PC can't run and it's AWESOME. Wow, consumerism's really got us hasn't it?)

This is where things get a bit tricky, on it's own, Crysis 2 looks beautiful and I'm glad that console gamers saw the true potential of Crytek (It is easily the best looking game on consoles.) But for PC gamers it's a slight let down because after a while you finally realize that overall, Crysis 2 is missing a lot of stuff as compared to Crysis. Shaders are simplified, the physics engine is run-of-the-mill even the draw distance is lesser. But this does have a(very good) plus point over Crysis, the performance is amazing,(when the game is.not busy crashing) I experienced zero lag on the highest settings, something that I still haven't got from Crysis.

And besides, Crysis 2 is still one of the best looking games on the PC too. So there really shouldn't be any complaints. The aesthetics are great, design looks good, and it's shiny enough to be a Crytek game, so yes, visuals are pretty good (Once again, not as good as Crysis, but pretty good nonetheless) Another complaint I never really liked the redesign of the new suit aesthetics wise, it looks a bit too muscular.(but this isn't noticeable in game.)

Voice acting isn't really a huge improvement over the first game, but a few characters do sound good. Sound effects are as amazing as the first game. Music is FREAKING awesome too(2 words : Hans Zimmer)

 The game is moving forward. Is it better than the first one? Technologically? No. But you have to realize that Crysis 2 was a game for consoles too, so it really does become an amazing achievement. Gameplay wise? Definitely not. I hate the simplification of the suit, it's fast and focused so I guess that's a plus point. Story wise? Hell yeah. the story is very good, needs to be put together a bit better but I can live with that. But Crytek really needs to get it's bugs sorted out. The game was definitely rushed. It's obvious with all the patches that have come out, and the DX11 patch being released(Hopefully soon.)

Overall, great game. If you don't compare it to Crysis that is. It's amazing how many times I've done that in this post, but let that be a lesson(don't do it).


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