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Wow, this is a big post, you've been warned.(This is just courtesy, I took a ridiculous amount of time to write it and find and scan the photos, so you better read it) Today I want to talk about my dog Minnie. She went through an operation last week, her third. A mammary tumor, which had suddenly grown to massive proportions over the last few days. In the end, the vet had to resect the sudden growth as she(as most dogs would) had bitten it. She's recovering now. Much better than expected.

Erm...Hi. (Please get the light off my face.)

Minnie was bought when we were in Pune(The same place we are posted now). She was 2 months old (My mom wanted a pedigree). She's a brown short-haired dachshund. We had a cross between a labrador and a stray at the time, Astro(His name was was my genius, you know after the jetson's dog?) He was about 2, and you can pretty much imagine the difference in size. It didn't help that Astro was fiercely territorial. He once broke his chain, jumped above the balcony fence and ran for about half a kilometer across a ground to bark at 6 other dogs being walked by a lady.(You can imagine our embarrassment, but in our defense she was walking 6 dogs...)

Smile!! Smile I tell you!
I am told that I used to play around with Astro alot.(I was 6 then and hardly remember anything that long ago) After Minnie came we had to put Astro in the balcony(Something he was never used to and deeply regretted.) It became hard to handle both of them together and Astro's barking made the neighbors' feel uncomfortable. We eventually had to give Astro away as a guard dog. Even though I don't remember alot (primarily because my parents considered it fit not to tell me we were shifting him),  I know I cried once I got home. I always wanted to go and meet him, but I don't think we did because my dad was out of station.

Waiting for food.
Once he was a year old (his head became too heavy to lift for me.)
Minnie was possibly the cutest thing I'll ever see, she was about as big as my arm(Still is actually). She finally started warming up to us on the second day. My mom took care of her the most, something that has resonated throughout the time she's been with us.(Minnie loves my mom the most. No doubt). It took a week for her to get close to me, something which has also resonated in it's own way (I'm hell jealous of my mom...)
I was NOT trying to eat her!! Mom said she was yawning...hopefully...
Wait. Whats that?

She was forced to hug alot back then.
Still is I guess.
Apoorva was born about the same time, that was another reason Astro was sent away, and why my grandmom was scared of Minnie. But they've grown up to be the best of friends(Maybe it's because they're the same age). Apoorva wanting Minnie's attention to no end.

That's my sister btw if you didn't realize.

We shifted to Suratgarh later. And that's where I remember one of Minnie's more peculiar habits. Whenever my mom would come back from work,(Minnie would be waiting at the door.) she would jump around for abit, run to the kitchen and back again, as fast as she possibly could, and then, believe it or not, pee. Not even like a necessary one, it was done just because my mom was in the room. And she would actually look up hopefully, pretty proud of herself, like she just gave the best "Welcome-home!" gift possible.(All of us would be falling to the floor laughing, so I guess she could've easily mistaken it for something enjoyable). And this would be done every single day, no matter how small the puddle would be, she would make sure it's there.

You like it...right?

The next posting was Bikaner. And then of course there was the time we would put on the AC. Bikaner was in a desert. No, seriously, a desert. It was burning hot. And while I don't really mind weather extremes, my mom used to make sure the AC was on in the summers. Now, as mentioned earlier, Minnie loved my mom. But, Minnie also hated the AC. So her solution was rather simple. One morning I woke up to search for some clothes in the closet and found a small wet thing. I woke up Apoorva and later, we took this picture.(The wet thingy was her nose if you didn't figure it out.)

Can't let a girl sleep can you?

Next stop Delhi. When we moved from place to place, Minnie was usually transported in the truck escorted by a few men(She wasn't allowed on planes and we definitely can't handle her in a train) She of course didn't much prefer the journey and would be very happy to get down and mark her territory in all the new rooms(if a lawn was unavailable) She had her first operation here. Another mammary tumor.

The vet treating her seemed to be very helpful and was confident of solving the problem. But then we started hearing whines midway through the procedure and it seemed to take much longer than expected. Mom went in to check what was going on and saw that the operation had gone no where with the vet and his assistant having made a huge mess of things. It was mom who finally salvaged the surgery(Shes a gynecologist/surgeon.) Mom realized he hardly seemed like he'd ever held a scalpel before.
It later turned out that the 'vets' never had any experience of surgery, let alone the capability to operate on a tumor. It... can't really be put into words what we felt when the bastard told us. We threatened to sue(God knows we should have) but decided that it's best we just not let him fool anyone else. We all took care of her the next few weeks and got a the surgery done from a real vet this time.

Next we got posted back to Pune, it was here that we realized how old she was getting. She was 10 when we got here and had started showing signs of cataracht and early signs of arthritis. Then came the second major problem, her stomach seemed to be slightly more bloated than normal, and she had lost her appetite. She was diagnosed with pyometra in her uterus. It later turned out it had grown to 5 times it's normal size due to the collection of pus. The vet said she may even have had trouble breathing due to it pushing on her organs.
I feel slightly guilty cause I always thought that seeing as I love her the most(as my mom says it), I should have noticed it earlier, the pain for a month could've easily been prevented.  Once the operation was done(some vets were abit reluctant due to her age) she made a very quick recovery and was perfectly healthy in about a week.(Dachshunds are supposed to be a very resilient breed.)

Forever alert(She was searching around while I was tapping on the table)

It was after this surgery that Minnie suddenly became very close to me. Minnie always loved me the second most in the family, but now I think I am at least touching mom's level of respect. I used to take care of her quite abit during post surgery phase. so maybe that's the reason? Don't know, but don't really care.

Minnie is 13 now. And she's still going strong. The recent surgery I talked about in the beginning of the post was another tumor which had cropped up. This one grew to be worse than the last one because we had to wait for her to recover from the last surgery. The tumor had spread to 2 of her teats and hence she lost both of them.

She is now recovering and has become active again, although i can't believe how she does it.
She gone through alot with us. But she's still as faithful as ever.
Still waits at the door for one of us to arrive.
Still patiently waits for my mom to wake up in the morning giving little whimpers expecting a biscuit.
Still dances around our legs for food.
Still waits for someone to come up and scratch her back.
Still has pretend fights with me and starts licking my face the moment she thinks she's won. (God these are alot of stills...)
Still walks with that slight wobble pronouncing her queen of the house.
Still puts her head on my arm if I lie down next to her.

She was pretty tired after searching for the albums...
She is that best friend who you always talk to in the dumbest manner possible(and who gives you a lick if you need it). She's the best person I know, the most humble, the most playful, the most concerned, the most loyal, and obviously the most lovable. Treasure one to the end of the time if you have one. They need it as much as you do.

Good Night...


  1. I love this post :) I hope she makes a full recovery!

  2. hey hope she gets well soon......i dint kno u hv a dog....shez damn cute :)

  3. This was one of the cutest posts I've ever read on blogger. Absolutely loved it. Minnie's quite adorable.

  4. Great post!

    "I feel slightly guilty cause I always thought that seeing as I love her the most(as my mom says it), I should have noticed it earlier"

    Don't feel bad. A lot of dogs, even when they're hurt, don't show it and act like everything is ok.

    Hope she recovers well. She is adorable :)
    Hope Astro got a good home.

  5. I cry everytime i read this post bro. I miss Minnie like crazzy right now. I'm happpy that she's recovering as you said on the phone.
    LOVE YOU DOGGUWOGGU!! <3 and I miss you :( :')

  6. WOW!! :')

  7. oh. I hope she gets better. Prayers for her.


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