Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Books (Musings)

Ah, inspiration, thou art a heartless bitch. I've been going through about half a dozen topics in my head. My phones filled with about 30 drafts(that's how I usually save stuff I wanna talk about, just make a message and save it to drafts.) But none of them seem to build up to anything recently. I could've made a post about Crysis 2 and how frustratingly awesome it is(more on that later) but I didn't want to make 4 game articles in a row. So I settled on discussing a different form of media today.

In my 'Miracles' post (here), I had openly said that the probability of me reading books while my computer was functional was about the same as me waking up at 6:00 in the morning and sitting down to do a 100 sums of math(very very very bleak).

And while my computer is very much functional, due to my ever increasing frustration(no idea why), exams, good old physical laziness and inability to lay my hands on PORTAL 2 or Dead Space 2... I've been reading quite a few books lately. And no, I'm not talking about my maths book, as my mom has constantly reminded me.

I guess the reason I have a slight lack of interest in reading (as many others of my generation) is the abundance of many other sources of media that provide instant gratification. And well... that's the thing isn't it?, We don't really mind that over something that's mentally stimulating but well... slow(although there are certain cases where both instances are true simultaneously). At least, my thought process usually is:

Wow... Beautiful

Wow... Wait, this will take some time...
(Bonus points for guessing the book above)

But the truth is, besides maybe music, literature has existed far longer than other media and hence is possibly the most evolved of them all. You won't have a story in books wherein the sole hero is a masochistic punk who goes around killing alien pigs (but then you have stories like twilight, at least the first one). But still, a majority of the books published usually have alot of research behind them, hence no matter what, the average book is usually more stimulating than the average video game or movie.

I'm still not saying that books are the best way to waste your life, but compared to others, they're certainly more sophisticated. I've read about 5 books over the past 3 weeks. And this is after I got Crysis 2 so it's pretty impressive on my part.

Net Force

Rather old, supposed to portray a virtual digital world which perfectly simulates real life. Where hackers are the most valuable people responsible for national security. Think matrix or Tron with a heavy influence from a terrorist scenario. I liked it though the things portrayed in it started becoming ridiculous due to the time it was set in(2010). You always become skeptical of something when it's set in the past, not near future or tomorrow or something.
Actually alot of books and movies had an obsession with a future wherein digital interactions would be evolved to the point where people would be talking to each other in an alternate reality. But then of course Facebook came along and destroyed that little dream... Damn you Zuckerberg...

Hour Game

I've only read one of his other books, Absolute Power. Didn't think it was amazing but it definitely was good enough. Decided to finally finish this off. It was complicated in the beginning and didn't quite pick up till the second half. But it's a good book on the whole. And unpredictable enough.
A good read if you like thrillers.

The Cobra

A great book for those interested in military operations(Frederick Forsyth). A bit long sometimes but it has enough thrills to keep you reading. Some of the ending was a little far fetched(and quite abit of the rest) but it was exciting enough.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Obviously, this one was a high point. Can't wait to read the others in the series. Although one thing kinda stumps me, why is it that most crime thrillers are always related to sexual harassment?

The beginning is slow, and sometimes it seems like it's giving useless information but by the time you reach the middle it's impossible to put down and the final revelation is mind blowing.

Paths of Glory

Great book, though it makes a pretty serious assumption, but at least that assumption is under logical debate. I loved the writing(Well duh... Jeffrey Archer) and it was a nice change from all the killing. I specifically loved a chapter which somehow reminded me of Assassin's Creed 2 and the last 50 words of the book. (On a side note, finished this off in 20 hours flat, never read this fast since Harry Potter)

Right now I'm on 'The Confession' by John Grisham and somehow it's not as fun as the others but I guess it should pick up in abit. Or maybe the depression of not having Portal 2 is getting to me(Definitely the latter.) And yes I know I'm not much of a book reviewer.


  1. I've never read "The Confession," but "A Time to Kill" by John Grisham is one of my favorite books, so hopefully this book picks up for you!

  2. I haven't read even one of these books ... which is quite pathetic :P

    You're so right when you say reading is a more sophisticated way of killing time. :)

  3. Is that book Paths of Glory? :S

  4. "Ah, inspiration, thou art a heartless bitch." lol


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