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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood(Games)

Before moving forward, a slight personal update, Minnie's(My dog) birthday was on the 18th. Bought her chicken patties, and as a special treat she got to sleep on my bed(this usually happens every alternate day so I guess it's not overtly special). She is now 13 and has been with me through most of my life. Nonetheless her age is causing her slight problems. I want to make a future post on her,(god that list is getting long). But for now, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

See, I like good gameplay with a great story. So there's no doubt I liked Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It had gameplay that's reached a pinnacle over the last 2 games and a short yet respectable story.
But that's the problem, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, is from almost every angle, Assassin's Creed 2. More refined, slightly shinier graphics, larger city (City. Not cities) a crossbow(Been waiting forever for this), new combat techniques and a few independent sequences. But it's still the same game. I love the game, and played quite abit of it after I finished. It may not deserve this criticism,(heck, Assassin's Creed 2 was also one of my all time favorites and brotherhood has definitely taken it's place) but it's still deserves a mention. So it is all in all a great(though slightly repetitive) game from Ubisoft.


As said earlier Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's gameplay is a near perfected form of the Assassin's Creed series. You get alot more tools now than Assassin's Creed 2. Poison Darts, Crossbows, a tank (OH! WAIT! Spoiler Alert!...Heck, you don't really care) But the new additions are definitely alot of fun to play around with.

Then there's Roma. You only play in one city this time. But to be fair, it's a HUGE city. This opens up the gameplay quite abit although I have a problem with the city renovation gimmick. I wasn't a huge fan of it in Monteriggioni where at least you can update it from a centralized map, but the logic in asking you to individually go to blacksmiths, doctors, painters and bankers to rebuild every little part of Rome escapes me.

Rome is huge.(This is just the Colosseum btw, there's more to the game.)
A pseudo-plus point to Rome being so huge is that you can now ride horses inside the city itself. But even this isn't that big a deal, rooftop travel is much faster anyhow due to the few open roads in the city.

But then there's the combat. Saurav and I both shouted quite a few vulgarities the first time we saw Ezio's gun go off when he had a sword in his hand. The finesse, as always, is oozing from every part of the sleek kill animations. I specifically loved the seamless ability to make chain kills. You can now kill on horseback, fight soldiers on horseback, fire crossbows, fire poison darts, etc.

The combat brings us to the most unique and possibly the best part about Brotherhood. Now along with all the various kill combinations you can use assassins in training you recruited off the street to help you out or even do the killing for you if you wish. The A.I is very smart and adaptable and the entry of the assassins into a battle(or assassination) is brilliant.(Expect a few rare glitches.) Oh and the ultimate goal is to promote your recruits to a level 10 Assassino(It means Assassin), by making them do various contracts all over the world.

I wasn't able to check out multiplayer because I was playing a borrowed copy that Saurav's friend provided me with, but as you must have read elsewhere it is supposed to be refreshing and alot of fun. One slight complaint is that with the crossbow and the guild and the poison darts, although the gameplay is cooler, the game itself becomes very easy with hardly any skill required anymore.

The story is slightly better told than the last game. Cant exactly point out what it is. I like the fact that you can finally play around as Desmond abit more.(Although he being a bastard who cares nothing for privacy kinda bugs me). And yes the ending is surprising.

Some side quests have a(mildly reasonable) sub story too. You can finally restart mission memories that you have finished. And the various contracts that are there for the assassin's guild allow a brief glimpse of the story of the assassin order in other parts of the world.(Only if you like reading)

I liked it that the developers added a system to rank player synchronization with Ezio. Each mission will have a series of parameters that define how Ezio completed the mission. Although not hard, it(sometimes) adds reason to get back to a mission you have already completed. Although the story itself is comparatively short. Overall gameplay time is pretty respectable(If you don't mind spending 15 hrs doing only side quests).

Rome is huge, But there was a downside to this though. It taxes your computer quite abit. My computer which could easily run Assassins Creed 2 at max with 4x anti-alias visibly made the game stutter at max with 2x anti-alias. Not sure if this was only me.
New destruction effects, though scripted, are noticeable.

But as i mentioned the graphics are shinier, the design is amazing as always and Rome is a great place to explore. Assassins Creed 2 is easily a great game to look at. Also the stars in the night-sky look awesome.

I loved the intro music in Assassins Creed 2, I still feel a slight amount of love towards the sound designer whenever I hear it.(this goes for the rest of the music too). Somehow, though I certainly picked up certain parts, music seemed to be slightly less memorable than earlier on(maybe abit more complicated?) but great nonetheless.

The sound of blades clanging, cannons firing and the iconic hidden blade being readied is as perfect and deadly as ever(Sound effects are good). Voice acting is great too.

A great game and you will definitely love it if you loved Assassins Creed 2, it's definitely worth the story update and Desmond's point of view in the story, refreshing multiplayer and alot of new additions make this game a definitive improvement over Assassins Creed 2. But I still can't get over the fact that it's just that it's an improvement, not a new game. And hence, I look forward to Assassins Creed 3.

And a final goodbye from Minnie.

Yes, she was sleepy when I took the pic.
It may be unprofessional but I don't think I quite care.

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  1. Minnie is adorable, and she share's my dog's birthday too.

    The game looks really fun, I've only seen other people play the series. And I agree about this: "I still can't get over the fact that it's just that it's an improvement, not a new game." I hate it when companies re-release a game with new perks...but I think I hate it more when I know what they're doing and I buy it anyway lol.


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