Friday, March 11, 2011

Miracles (Update)

Do gods live on the internet? No seriously.

The reason I start with this query is, 1 day after I posted about my computer, *cough* the one with a 2.8Ghz quad core processor, 4GB RAM, 2 GB graphics card and all my 500GB of entertainment(movies, music and games... GAMES) *cough* on the blog, I got it back. Perfectly fine. Everything repaired. Without a hitch. With no bugs. All the RAM slots getting sufficient electrical energy. Without any plastic, metal or nuclear meltdown. Without any... you get the general idea. And the best part? No deals with the devil!(honest)

Attempt at humor aside, this actually presents a dilemma. What happens to all those plans I made?(Yes, I actually make PLANS on what to do when the computer isn't around) Granted they weren't incredibly deep, and I took a little less than 10 minutes to compile them, they were still plans nonetheless. They may be found here.

So whats my decision? I'm going to divide my time (Pffft... that's gonna work)

Sparrow Compartment
Ive already finished the birdhouse. The only primary addition was a small area on the bach which can be used by smaller birds and the like.
Only thing left is painting it. So that should be done... in you know... another year.

About the movies, well it really makes it easier cause I have the computer back. So I guess thats still there in future plans.

As for the books, well... I'll become middle-aged someday right?
(But on a serious note I have started reading 'Hour Game' by David Baldacci, one of dad's pass on books, pretty good for now)

4.Online games
Sorry crush the castle and bubble tanks, I just got Crysis and Just Cause 2 again...

Worrying about exam results is pretty much futile now. Cause apparently some students started a strike or something of the sort against the university and a statement has been released. Results are coming out on the 12th or the 15th. So now I finally know when exactly I'm about to die.(at least with a 50-50 probability)
It's like when you're diagnosed with a fatal disease i guess. Might as well get it over with...

On a footnote, I want my results to be good, a million dollars, world peace and the solution to reasonably cheap sustainable nuclear fusion energy. Oh and a Ipod touch, definetly an Ipod touch.(You never know...)


  1. Abhishaek ChandraMarch 11, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    Isn't it better to get nuclear fuel and set your own plant? Will turn out cheaper than buying energy on a large scale.

  2. I said i want the solution to sustainable nuclear fusion. Who wants to buy energy?

  3. Great bird house... I would not even know where to start :)

  4. Reading this makes me feel so much better about all of the lists I make, put somewhere easy to find, and then lose them. I am right there with you on the book thing too...can never get myself to make time.


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