Monday, March 7, 2011

Alternate Entertainment (Musing)

So, my computer, the one with a 2.8Ghz quad core processor, 4GB RAM, 2 GB graphics card and all my 500GB of entertainment(movies, music and games... GAMES) has decided to go bye-bye(I'm not showing off about the specs. Just... passing details). Apparently one of the RAM slots thought that passing electrical impulses is just too hard. So I guess I'm even more jobless than I was before now. The comp's gone for about 15 days. So I guess I'll write about what I'm planning to do in the mean-time.

So order of business. And... GO.(For the sake of randomness, I'm gonna be writing the things I'll be DOING in capitals so that you really pay attention.)

1.COMPLETE the birdhouse already!!
Actually this isn't going too bad. I completed half of it. Planning to add a net on the back and possibly make a bird-feeder. Confused on the paint style though. Planning on going with earthy colors. Green on top, Brown on the side with maybe some white designs on the side. Inputs on suggestions will be very helpful. Also I'm playing around with the idea to make a double story. The bottom half can be used by maybe a pigeon or a parrot(we have lots of them here, mango season coming and all.) and maybe the upper half can be for sparrows, just some rice or seeds. Pics below. Suggestions?


 2.WATCH Movies
Really need to watch Black Swan and The Fighter. Which reminds me I need to see Fightclub(Yes. I haven't seen it yet. Stop judging me.)

 3.READ a few books
Well since I have been trying(erm...) to delve into the world of programming with JAVA and .NET, it seems fair that regular English literature won't hurt.

On my list are Jeffery Archer and David Baldacci. I liked Absolute Power, though it was a little lengthy. I may start reading  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which has been on my read list for the past 3 months.

4.PLAY some online flash games (after begging my sister to use her computer)
I've been begging my sister to use her computer, obviously she isn't too overjoyed with it... and here I was thinking I'd be repayed for helping her out on... well... being her brother.(I passed on this computer to her so that counts right? Granted!)
I recently seem to be liking online flash games. Sites like Armor Games have an amazing collection and they are pretty addictive.(I really don't know why that's a good thing...)
 Link is as follows. Check it out.

5. Get all FREAKED OUT about my exam results

Results should be out soon(They were supposed to be out in the 2nd week of February). It seems like it keeps getting postponed by a week everytime. And it definitely does not help that Pune University doesn't have the wisdom to actually release a clarified date. Come on, my SCHOOL was better organized than this!!

Guess I actually have alot of stuff to do... Then again I can just sleep. Why does that always sound more appealing?


  1. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was fantastic.

    I also suggest anything by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Or Altar of Eden by James Rollins.

    Sleep does always sound appealing... We don't get enough of it obviously. :)

  2. I'll check them out, thanks :)


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