Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2 and a half weeks later (update)

Hmmm... 2 and a half weeks since my last post. The disappointing thing is I still don't have anything gloriously amazing to talk about. So how about an update on the last 2 weeks?
What? It looks dramatic.

So...topic...topic...topic... How about a good old journal entry?
Actually asking that's kinda dumb, you cant actually convey much without reading the post, in which case I wont change it. Tell you what, I dare you to convey something right now. Go ahead.
Try harder, I really want you to do this.

Send a message back in time. Come on.

No? Wow... Aren't you a disappointment.

This is just sad.
Oh well. Boring report on what I did in the last 3 weeks coming up. Don't forget I gave you a chance.

Got my results
Finally got my results. Not impressive. But they're okay as compared to what I feared so I guess I'm not too saddened. Unfortunately I don't feel the marks themselves are suitable enough to post on the blog so that wont be happening(Awww....)

Last week in Nashik
This is a long one. As mentioned in the 'about me' page, my mom and dad are both in the army. This certainly has it's perks, but one of the most regrettable cons is that they don't always get a posting tenure at the same place(They live in two separate cities) Usually I stay with my mom, visiting dad whenever I have holidays and seeing him when he comes this side. His last posting, Nashik, was particularly better cause it was about 216 km from where we stay. And hence we visited him twice a month(It also helped that it was an amazing place too.) His tenure ended last week and he's now posted to Chandigarh, 1654 km from Pune. Overall, meetings with dad will be less common.

So the last week in Nashik was the usual. Golf, horse riding and archery. Only this time my friend Ajinkya came along, Another one of my friends, Jinal came for 2 days right at the end of the week.The only new thing I did was ride a in a Chetak combat helicopter simulator. Was pretty amazing. Also played Holi, always hated that festival.
Horse-Riding teachers
Ajinkya, Jinal, the teacher, Me, Apoorva

The simulator
Golf coach
Kittens!(Was what Apoorva screamed before they ran off)

Fell off a horse for the fifth time in my life. Was cartoonishly funny(...till I hit the ground). The horse was cantering, I made a mistake and she suddenly stopped. I literally flew above her and fell 2 metres away. Didn't get too hurt though. A detailed pictorial description is below.

Had alot of fun. Did alot of stuff here over the year. Fired a bofors artillery cannon during a training mission, paragliding, horse riding, canoeing, golf etc. Will miss Nashik. Dad too.

Finally drove the car on a highway
 Drove for a solid 5 hours on the road. A total distance of 280 kms. 2 hours on hill roads, 2 hours on the highway(touched a 100 kmph) and 1 hour in the city at night. This was my first outside Pune and beyond a half hour of driving.
Dad was pretty impressed, for those not in Pune, the roads here are pretty bad, so this really is quite an achievement. (Justifying posting random activity to fill up blog space here, some support will be helpful...)

Going to get a few great games
My best friend, Saurav's shoot is finally over (He just recently acted in a yash raj film as an extra. Will post an update on this once it's released). Helped him out with some college project stuff so he's getting a few games that a friend of his has decided to share. Woohoo.
Most probably, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Dead Space 2 and Crysis 2.

Future  Updates
Recently played Bulletstorm, need to post my opinions on that, and also finally hung the birdhouse so thats gonna come up too. Until then I guess.

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