Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zero Punctuation (Games)

Okay I was supposed to talk about The King's Speech and Fallout New Vegas sometime soon(Theyre both amazing), but I'm sleepy so it's just a link about a game review site for now. BEHOLD GAMERS : Zero Punctuation.

I was actually surprised why on earth any of the friends I knew hadn't heard of zero punctuation.
A(insanely entertaining) video series created by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, a fast talking, hyper energetic, cynical and insanely and infuriatingly critical Britisher(British-born Australian to be precise, the exact opposite of the teacher guy in the king's speech...sorry, back on track), Zero Punctuation is about 4 things
1. What video games are doing wrong
2. What video games are doing horribly
3. Random and imaginative ways to insult people
4. A guy talking in a mike.... very fast

Give him whatever game you want, any and all games will be surgically and painfully ripped apart with blunt and rusted instruments, and burnt into a vortex of fire and hate that is Croshaw's evil evil... evil soul. Believe me if this guy says anything above 3 sentences of a game being good, you WILL go and buy the game. Even if you have to sell one of your kidneys...or heart(s).

You will NOT be disappointed (Unless of course his amazing powers of criticism will make you wonder why on earth you even took up gaming as a hobby, in which case you may be highly disappointed with any game you bought...To date.) Try going to his section and checking out the reviews of your favorite games... and get prepared to be kicked in the balls.

He posts a new review every week on the escapist, but a direct link is as follows

Oh and people below 15 and those who mind excessive swearing are not to touch this site. At all. 

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