Friday, February 11, 2011

Toy Story 3 (movies)

Today, I become a 6 foot 10 year old and give my opinions on the successor of the movies which started a genre, Toy Story 3.(genre in question being computer-animated films, Toy Story 1 was the first to have no 'real' footage in it, for those who didn't know) My sister made me watch this movie, and boy was I surprised.

Okay then, first things first, I'm gonna be completely honest. I was feeling pretty emotional at the end of Toy Story 3. Yes, I was abit moist in the eyes, but lets not dwell on that (I admitted to it. Now hear me out). I was frankly surprised at how a movie about toys, with the two leads being as generic as a cowboy and a space-ranger (yes, i am criticizing the characters the toys represent) would make me feel actual loss and sadness over ...well ...dolls.

Don't get me wrong I was a devout fan of Toy Story 1(and Toy Story 2 when it came out) but after surviving till the age of 18, I had thought my years of giggling at woody's arms flailing about and stupid cartoon pranks and fights would've worn off once I hit puberty. Well apparently not... I still laugh at Woody running around, still laugh at any references to the earlier 2 films and still childishly hope that the plastic heroes will make it out alive (all while the 'grown up' in my head's screaming, 'they HAVE to make it out alive you idiot, you really think they're gonna die before a quarter of the movie is left?? what do you think they'll show then? Sock puppets??') usually in such cases ill laugh and make fun of the movie, but this time i just told the grown up to shut the hell up, cause even for it being horribly predictable, childish and silly, it still carries it off brilliantly.

Feel of the movie
Its amazing how much emotion the makers of the film conveyed through the movie. Name one movie where the free arms of a cowboy can make you laugh, a baby toy can actually scare you, you loathe a pink hug-me-lots teddy bear, you cringe at the mushiness of a barbie ken relationship(oh... wait... that's happened before) and you see toys dancing the samba, ALL in a gloriously funny, sad, happy, emotional and fun story. Small emotions aplenty, the movie truly shines in the deeper aspects, talking about moving on, sentimentality, sharing, loyalty, neglect and loads of other stuff (Heck, that's true of the whole series, but toy story does it disturbingly well.). You ll be really surprised at how grown up this movie actually is.

The toys are cute, the animation is spotless(were talking Disney and Pixar here) and the characters are well developed and very mature(well atleast as much as toys can be).

Too Old?
There's no doubt that Toy Story 3 is a kid movie, anyone who'll watch the movie with the mental viewpoint of anyone above 15 will laugh at the movie and ridicule it like a senior school bully. But chances are that Toy Story 3 really wont let you see it with the viewpoint of anyone above 10. You'll laugh, love and play with the characters just like you had in the fifth grade. And once the movie is over, you'll be smiling and feeling very sad, all at the same time.

See it
You owe yourself to see this movie, especially if you've seen the two predecessors. If you haven't then please.... try your best to watch the other two before this one it'll definitely be worth it. They have all have a 100% rating on rotten tomatoes for a reason you know(Yes. ALL 3 of them).(Also, its a cartoon, which has been nominated for best picture in the Oscars, best PICTURE)

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  1. Well written - may motivate a +45 -y -old to review her opinion regarding Animated films......

    Happy blogging.....Rohan!


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