Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs the World (movie)

Stupid story, mediocre acting, cheap jokes and cheesy actors makes this the most AWESOME video game/comic book nerd movie to date. Anyone who knows anything about video games would love this movie.

Based on a series of comic novels, (which was written by a guy who plays alot of video games and is based on a guy who plays alot of video games) Scott Pilgrim is the ultimate in the hybridization of video games and movies.
 Its very obvious that Scott Pilgrim vs the world values looks above pretty much everything else. That isn't to say that its bad. A unique way of presentation, great humor (most of it is goofy silly humor... but great humor nonetheless) and some funny characters really make the movie stand out.

An Epic of Epic Epicness
Scott Pilgrim(average guy who plays video games and can survive drops from the sky while fighting fireball throwing guys) needs to fight Ramona's (girl who can use portals to travel into people's head and from one point to another) 7 evil ex-boyfriends who are out to kill Scott so as to control her future love life.

The story itself may be hard to follow, but that doesn't really matter with the number of pseudo-neon lights dazzling you all the time. But it isn't really the story that you should worry about, it's the way it's been told.  Its a very confusing, energetic and fast mash up of sound and light... like most video games.

Everything about the movie resembles games and comics with enemies breaking up into coins after being defeated and visual text clues to any sound being produced.

Actors acted pretty well and seemed to do all they can do with characters as shallow as the ones in the movie. I still found a few very unnecessary like the first ex-boyfriend. And Scott's ex-girlfriend seems under developed. All of the dialogue reeks of cheesiness... like all good comics and video games.

The fight scenes deserve a separate paragraph. They're AWESOME.(that's about all I can say)

Music and sound is also the same and fits in pretty well. Except for a few moments...where maybe it sucks intentionally for comedic effect. Lots of references are made to video games, television and the like. Like a scene made to resemble the sitcom 'Seinfeld'. Sound effects are pretty good. The 'non-video game' music is also very good, depending on your taste.

Viewer Base
The only problem with this content is pretty obvious... anyone who's above 35 or hasn't played video games will pretty much hate you for making them watch the movie. Also the fast, immature, heavy and pretty much pointless energy in the movie will definitely throw off 'serious' movie goers.

Although besides everything, the movie may just be funny enough to worth watching. But make no mistake this is definitely a movie suited for video gamers.

In the end a must-see for video gamers, a good-okay movie for others. (And these are video gamers who've played games on the old consoles. Zelda and Tekken in particular. Not Modern Warfare 2 or DOTA)

Also I heard the novels and video game based on the novels are pretty good too. So you can check those out too.

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