Thursday, February 10, 2011

A dragon (self made)

Okay, Id made this drawing of a dragon once while i was in college, for some reason i related the weight falling on the support column of a building to a dragon on a hill top. Either that or our mechanics teacher sucked like crazy and i was bored to hell.

Now most of my close friends have already seen this picture. It started as an idea for a t shirt, didnt turn out right because the colours got mixed up and the scales cant be seen and stuff.(yes i actually made a t-shirt with the picture of a dragon on it.... so?)

I just wanted to know what other people thought of it, so i decided to upload it. Any comments would be helpful. Also this is just a random doodle, nothing serious, so theres no need to actually critique it like the size of the nostril is too big and what not.
Try saying which one is better too if possible.

The dragon was drawn by hand and then colour, blending etc were added by photoshop.

Thanks for commenting, if you did.


  1. not bad :)
    teach me how to use photoshop ok?

  2. thats really nice! :)

  3. the dark dragon.. :)

  4. cool.. :) the dragon balances well...


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