Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A New Day

Okay, so my first 'actual' post. 

I always had a fascination with blogging. I used to think of it as an amazing way to express yourself and all that other stuff that people usually talk about, views, ideas, etc.

Death of an idea
Then, about 6 months ago my mom expressed her sentiments to try and start a blog of her own. Its amazing how a child can modify his views as soon as he figures out that his parents are actually into the same thing he's into. Not from a encouragement point of view (that just plants second thoughts about the idea) but if they start getting genuinely interested in the things you started planning to do, independently, you know that its gonna be out of your brain at least until your parents stop thinking about the activity in question.

Blogging was out of my head in about a few minutes since that talk, it ending with finding new names for moms blog... i was less than useful as it was supposed to be a mix about her life and new medical methods. So i went back to my usual routine of playing on the computer, watching movies and... well... stuff, dont really remember.

Now as it turns out, i suddenly have access to alot of free time in between college and courses etc. So here i am.(I have a feeling moms abandoned her blogging ideas for now...shes a doctor, so shes usually pretty busy, and my younger sister just introduced her to 'farmville' so shes pretty much hooked... dont know what is it with people and taking care of plants, 'taking care' being defined as 3 clicks of a mouse...).

Apparently i dont do enough in my spare time, lying around too much and spending too much time on the computer, so i decided that i should utilize it by well... writing stuff on the internet... using a computer. My logic about that isnt perfectly sound yet... i guess ill get back to that later.

I'm tired, OKAY?
Anyhow the topic of this little post is 'a new day' not cause i feel its gonna be the beginning of a new time of personal growth due to the amazing amount of self-guidance i may get from blogging,(I personally feel this little trend is gonna run out in about a week, or at least until my results come out.... wow...that's gonna be something to look forward to.) but because its 2:30 in the morning and ive spent the last hour using all of my creative powers to decide on the font of my blog... title.

So after that excruciating piece of mental exercise, ive decided to try and sleep for abit. Which is strange cause i dont usually sleep until 4am.
Maybe its just a sense of achievement for starting my own blog, not sure what exactly im supposed to post on a blog, but maybe the next post should be about myself. Yeah, that sounds reasonable.
Oh and any tips on presentation will be very helpful.


  1. Dude awesome blog man !!
    Nice work!
    the font can be a little bigger and better but i am sure you will work on it

  2. The font is awesome right now. Keep it!

    Keep on posting, I like your style :)

    I hope to see some Half-Life games perhaps, if you play them :)


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