Thursday, February 24, 2011

My First Attempt at Wood Carving by Hand (Self Made)

I try my hand at carpentry for the second time. More precisely wood carving by hand(or vice versa.)  Always used to feel hand carving(no pun intended) was simpler, wow was I wrong. We( I ) had a painful experience , but I think we reached a mutual understanding now.

Ah yes, wood. 'Tis not the first time we see eye to eye, me having attempted to craft your stubborn self into a shape resembling a bird house. To my mind the experience was actually quite new and, dare I say it... fun. Okay so I put the birdhouse in the garage cause I was busy with college(picture below.) But that doesn't mean you get all sadistic. Ill complete it soon I swear. I might even paint it to if you don't cut off my finger or something while working with it.

But seriously, moving past the attempted personification joke. I suddenly found the craze of wood carving boiling in my head. This was a result of not sleeping the whole night and watching some youtube videos. I had some wood lying around and an knife which is usually used in the kitchen. So I went out and bought a small wood filer and considering myself to be experienced in the realm of carpentry, I decided to try out hand carving,(although the video specifically mentioned not to about 3 times)... without gloves.

This resulted in about 2 cuts on the thigh and 11 cuts on the hand over the course of the day(2 of them on the same spot. The first picture was halfway through the process by the way). No matter what you think of yourself, whatever you do , buy some gloves if you try this for the first time.
The end product was pretty amateurish, but wasn't too bad for a first timer in my opinion. Below is the result.
So on the front you can see what may resemble slightly, a face. Right on top is a few of the hair i tried making. On the right eye you may see a scar, that was actually a mistake when I applied too much pressure on the knife,(resulting in previously mentioned injuries)so it became a 300 style sword cut. I even tried segmenting the brow like a real scar. There was supposed to be a well defined nose, but I smoothed it to pretty much a flat... thing...

Here you can see some slight hair but more importantly the nose(thing). Also the carving below the face which was a recent addition.

Here you can see the attempt at hair, abit too zig-zaggy rather than flowing, but i did my best.

So overall, a pretty painful introduction with quite abit of sweat and blood(literally) but I intend to try and get better at this if possible... Hope I live.
So, what do you think? Post your comments below.


  1. Not bad wood carving :) Too bad about your hand; OUCH... Stay away from lemon juice :p

  2. Check out Nirmal Industires. They would have some good points to make wood carving a little easy.

  3. Owch!
    Sounds painful
    But I can see the face :D


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