Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Train Your Dragon (Movie)

Okay, this time I talk about my opinions on How to Train your Dragon, critically acclaimed animated film from Dreamworks (Yeah, I know second animated film in a row. I guess I really started liking them.) Once again, sister's choice, but this time even I wanted to see it.

Believe me, Ive been as fair as possible despite my deep love for dragons as demonstrated by the previous posts. How to train your dragon is abit hard to write opinions about. It's got lots of things that people wont like and also lots of things that people will like. But the good definitely outweighs the bad, especially if you like pets and animals and the like, otherwise it may be abit childish for your tastes, but may just have enough charm to convert you to the former. Personally though, I liked it. Alot. My only regret being I didn't watch it in 3D when I had the chance. I would've certainly looked good.

Story and Looks
Lets start with the story. The story is very common, the good old father-son misunderstanding. Father is very good at what he does. Wants son to do the same. Son not so good at what father does, but wants father to be proud too. Son very good at something else, father doesn't understand, he does in the end though. So happily ever after.(See? Simple.)
Although the story's reused and not quite the movie's strong suit it's got a nice twist to things. So it's okay.

The design of the movie is interesting, it's pretty good, but the dragons are VERY silly and simplistic bordering juvenile (very juvenile) But you cant rally blame it, It is based on a children's book. Ignore that and you'll start to understand the charm behind the art design. Although the other dragons aren't given too much insight, the lead dragon, toothless and the final villain are very good.

Voice acting
Voice acting also deserves a mention. Although Jay Baruchel as hiccup(the lead) isn't a wrong choice, far from it. But somehow he doesn't fit into the character at certain points in the film (maybe he just doesn't sound young enough for the character). There are points where his responses will just be abit too boring and sarcastic, (come to think of it there'll be alot of points like that, but he's funny enough.) Gerrard Butler's portrayal is worth mentioning. I liked his character for some reason. Toothless the dragon is very heartwarming and definitely the best character in the movie. The dialogue was very good. I liked the wit in the movie, kiddish, but good.

The best of it
Now the best part of the movie was the music and the portrayal of friendship between toothless an hiccup (the dragon and the boy)
I can bet that no matter what you think of anything else in the movie, when the scene in the poster at the beginning of the page comes, you WILL be smiling. The way it's been shown is amazingly profound and really teaches something about friendship.
The scenes where they're flying are very good, but the best parts would be when they're meeting for the first time. The movie would've been even better in 3D had I had the chance to watch it.
There really isn't anything I can say about these parts in the movie, they have to be watched, but they're definitely the best thing about the movie.
The ending is good too.(in a good way, not like,'wow, that's a relief ' or something).


Anyone who likes animals or even has a pet would love to watch this movie. It's cute to say the least, and worth watching just for the sake of the story between Hiccup and Toothless (and some of the stuff in between). It's slightly kiddish, but it's worth it if you like a nice heartwarming comedy. Watch it. If you like shrek, then you'll definitely like this.

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  1. I love this movie so much it's insane. The tracks "Test Drive" and "Forbidden Friendship" are simply awesome - plus they play over the best bits of the entire film :)

    God I love dragons lol


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