Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From Dust (Video Games)

I just came across this video while searching around on youtube, Its about a game called from dust, it seemed to be... different. The game is based around playing god(sims for tribal people) with a huge focus on manipulating the earth, using sand, lava ,water and vegetation, the implications of this seem rather amazing. Its looks like its a small downloadable game, but it definetly looks pretty.

For example, flowing water will erode sand washing away parts of it creating coasts and silt, lava will flow freely and slowly and if it comes in contact with water it will form rocks. Vegetation will prevent the erosion of sand and grow in real time. Although im not sure if this ll be overly popular, but concepts like these can be used in many other games. The engine that created this game sounds very interesting.

No details have been fully released yet, but i was wondering if possibly they can add a greater focus on creatures, maybe animals that evolve based on their surroundings. Herbivores and carnivores, jungle and desert plants and animals, with you introducing certain characteristics that the animals adapt to. Im not saying they should make spore or something(that one was horrible) but something which is abit more subtle.

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