Thursday, February 10, 2011

127 hours (movies)

My birthday yesterday, supposed to have been fun (had a good dinner with family though), had plans for a get together, but then one of my closest friends had an accident due to a mongoose( But, on a more serious note, he's says he's okay now though he's bandaged around the shoulder, has fear of a ligament tear, and has 2 stitches on his knee(yup thats... 'Im fine' for the idiot) making him immobile for the time being. End result, the meeting with friends has been postponed to the end of the week, so instead of a boring take on how I  did (not)celebrate my birthday, I decided to write about the best movie I've seen recently(I've only seen 1 this year, but believe me this movie is AMAZING).

Danny Boyle has been considered to be a god in India, with his amazing ability to win Oscars through a movie which is exactly like a bollywood film, cheesier and has a kid rolling around in human excreta to get an autograph of Amitabh Bachan.

See? God... learn something bollywood directors. It isn't so bloody hard to get a winner at the Oscars, just do what you're doing while,
1. Becoming British
2. Getting an NRI to play the lead actor(Katrina Kaif may or may not help)

But i digress, though Indians were disappointed (they just paid extra for a Hindi film with some English dubbing), I'm not saying the movie was bad, it was just not... as amazing as we thought it would be.

Now 127 hours is a whole different story. I started to feel the same feeling of self hate the first few minutes of the movie. Below average character, sad dialogue and an average score. But by the time i got out, i  think i said that movie rocked about 5 times till i got back home.(on no provocation, was just telling my friend, it helped that he was grossed out by a few scenes but the movie actually was amazing). Why?

Borin... Okay. WOW.
I LOVED 28 days later and 28 weeks later besides my deep hate of the horror genre.(wait... 28 days later, 28 weeks later and 127 hours... thats interesting). But anyways back on track, 127 hours is one of those movies which will make you dead sure that this movie is about to be the biggest waste of your life, then will suddenly skyrocket so fast that you'll shout,'Wait. When did the movie start kicking ass??' Presentation is gritty, and very bleak. And it works amazingly.

The key points in the movie are where they actually show with extreme attention to detail how painful the situation is, don't wanna spoil anything but there's one scene in which James Franco decides to do self surgery(very blunt term) but, you literally feel the tension in everything hes doing. Not just because of  how it looks, but teeny-tiny audio cues.

I guess the key is that it takes you right to the height of your expectations, drops you to the ground, picks you up, does the same about three times, and then punches you in the face. James Franco has acted amazingly, working exactly like the movie aiming at boring the audience with a lame character and then making them believe the guys superman.

True story charm
It definitely deserves to be in the Oscars and everything portrayed in the film is supposed to be very close to the truth so definitely a story to be told. Just wanted to mention the actual person who underwent the incident, Aron Ralston. Check him out on Wikipedia or Google him. Its supposed to be exactly how the events unfolded with very little stylizing.

Watch it, but don't faint
All in all a compelling movie, don't miss it. Unless you have a problem with blood and gore in which case you should avoid it as my best friend clearly demonstrated.... Heard a few people had medical problems during 1 particular scene, not sure if its true but may be plausible.

Too gory? Or was the gore unnecessary, comment below or click on the one word reactions if you're too busy.

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  1. i heard about the "self surgery" scene from shyamoli..i so did NOT wanna see it after im dying to!


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